A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Like cats? Like assassins? Like visual novels about arguably horrible people who may or may not have personified sub-consciousnesses who're cats? Then Hyde's Men: Saccharine Voyages is for you. 

The official two year anniversary gift for the readers of the webcomic "Hyde's Men". 

HM:SV's story is like a non-canonical, interactive chapter, full of what Hyde's Men is known for: Excessive violence intertwined with romance and furries!



- in progress

- 2 complete storylines, ½ of an episode

- 15+ locations

- 4,000+ words

- no music


Special thanks to:

- monocainheresey

- authorloremipsum

- edwardthebadass

- The entire j&h chat


HydesMensv-0.04-linux.tar.bz2 76 MB
HydesMensv-0.04-pc.zip 89 MB
HydesMensv-0.04-mac.zip 72 MB
HydesMenSaccharineVoyages-0.04-release.apk 88 MB

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